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A Curious User
2 years ago
My husband died from a service connected disability and I'm currently looking to purchase a home. I want to know if I am eligible to use his VA home loan benefits.
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Best Expert Answer
Eric Campbell
2 years ago
Yes, absolutely or at least you should be eligible if he had his VA entitlement. We would order his certificate of eligibility (COE) and verify the service connected death with the Regional Loan Center (RLC). Any supporting docs you have are helpful to verify this.
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Joe Wallace
2 years ago
The VA official site (VA.gov) states:

"After establishing that you are eligible, you will need a Certificate of Eligibility (COE). The COE verifies to the lender that you are eligible for a VA-backed loan. This page describes the evidence you submit to verify your eligibility for a VA home loan and how to submit the evidence and obtain a COE."

Evidence you would need to submit to the VA depends on whether or not you are receiving VA benefits for surviving spouses as described below:

Surviving spouses receiving DIC (Dependency & Indemnity Compensation) benefits should submit VA form 26-1817 and veteran’s DD214 ( if available).

Include the veteran and surviving spouse’s social security number on the 26-1817 form.

Surviving spouses who are not receiving DIC must submit, according to the VA official site, the following to the appropriate Compensation and Pension office:

- VA form 21-534
- DD214 (if available)
- Marriage License
- Death Certificate or DD Form 1300 – Report of Casualty
- Please find the mailing address for your state to send the VA 21-534 at the VA official site at:


You will find this link under the heading, "If you are a Surviving Spouse and are not receiving DIC (Dependency & Indemnity Compensation) benefits".
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Category Expert
Chris Birk
2 years ago
As a surviving spouse, you would also be exempt from paying the VA Funding Fee, a cost that goes directly to the VA to help keep this loan program running. As Eric mentioned, a VA lender would be able to walk you through this process. Getting the Certificate of Eligibility would be a key early step. Only the VA can make a determination regarding a prospective borrower's eligibility.
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