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Linda Schurr
8 months ago
I found a home in really good shape that needs an appraisal. It uses a cistern about 3 months out of the year. Does this home still qualify for FHA?
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Joe Wallace
8 months ago
FHA loan rules in HUD 4000.1 state:

"The Appraiser must report when water to a Property is supplied by dug wells, cisterns or holding tanks used in conjunction with water purchased and hauled to the site. The Appraiser must report whether such systems are readily accepted by local market participants and that the water supply system may violate MPR or MPS."

"The Appraiser must note the deficiency of MPR or MPS if the subject Property has a water source that includes a mechanical chlorinator or is served by springs, lakes, rivers, sand-point or artesian wells."

"A pressure tank with a minimum capacity of 42 gallons must be provided. However, pre-pressured tanks and other pressurizing devices are acceptable if delivery between pump cycles equal or exceed that of a 42-gallon tank. Tanks must be equipped with a clean-out plug at the lowest point and a suitable pressure relief valve."
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