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Pam Cobb
8 months ago
Will the FHA allow a homeowner to have the check made out to them and the tax office, and the homeowner takes the check to the tax office to pay the taxes?
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Best Expert Answer
Joe Wallace
8 months ago
Can you be more specific? What are you trying to accomplish and with what kind of taxes? Any additional information will be a big help with the answer to your question-thanks!
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Best Expert
Pam Cobb
8 months ago
it's real estate taxes and the homeowner has chose Option 1 where we pay the homeowner and the tax office on the same check. We're on Fiserv and Fiserv is saying that FHA doesn't allow a check made payable to the homeowner and tax office. One other mortgage company said that FHA was allowing it, but no one can give me any verification or documents to prove this
Joe Wallace
8 months ago
So the payments are disbursed via escrow?
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Category Expert
Pam Cobb
8 months ago
yes, the tax payments are disbursed thru the escrow
Joe Wallace
8 months ago
Ahh...according to HUD 4000.1: "When making payments from escrow accounts, Mortgagees must: - send payment directly to the billing agency or the taxing authority, or as otherwise directed by state or local law".
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