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Andrade Menefee
8 months ago
I have an FHA loan with Bank of America and went through the HARP program 3 times due to the bank requiring more documents to be signed etc... Each time they lowered the payment. At the end of the year they requested I make up those payments or they would foreclose. My understanding was that those payments were supposed to be put at the end of the loan. They now state; "This is the end of your loan." Is that legal?

Andrade Menefee (916)821-8945 legal[email protected]
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Best Expert Answer
Joe Wallace
8 months ago
Legal advice should be given only by a lawyer with experience in the law in this area, and unfortunately, it's not possible to speculate on your specific circumstances without access to the contract you signed-the wording of your agreement with the lender is key in determining how that agreement lines up with state/federal law, the rules of the HARP program, etc. Have you re-examined your HARP agreement to see what is spelled out in writing? Have you spoken to a lawyer about your concerns?
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Best Expert
Andrade Menefee
8 months ago
Thank you for responding; it really is disappointing that an banking institution can operate illegally against a consumer and the consumer still has to spend money to fight against their illegal actions; as the common consumer does not have funds to do so. I think I will file a complaint with consumer affairs or another government entity.
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