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A Curious User
2 years ago
I used by VA home loan eligibility on a home purchase back in the 80’s. I paid as agreed and the house was paid off years ago. I want to purchase another home utilizing my VA eligibility again and wanted to know how to do this.
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Best Expert Answer
Chris Birk... Answered 3 more questions
2 years ago
A VA lender can help walk you through this. Getting entitlement restored is a pretty simple process involving just a little bit of paperwork. If the original loan was paid in full, you should have access to your full VA loan entitlement.
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Category Expert
Guy Campbell
2 years ago
As a lender we can request your certificate of eligibility although we may need your dd214 since its been some time.
Category Expert
darrwn monroe
3 months ago
I used my VA loan to purchase a home in 1994, transferred in 1996. Real estate agent was to home on market and sell. Home went into foreclosure. Is it possible to reestablish my eligibility.
Category Expert
Edward Frankovitch
5 months ago
How do I find a v a lender?
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